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ISDCM has different activities primarily to design and implement projects for development of Children and Mothers, provide technical support and services for implementation and monitoring of development projects. As an organization it has been growing steadily. It has so far prepared and designed number of projects for itself and other organizations, conducted number of surveys and prepared training module for some projects.

a. Project Designed and Prepared:
  The project designed and prepared for itself or other agencies are as follows:
Child Labour Rehabilitation Component of the BGMEA-ILO-UNICEF MOU Project;
Survey on socio economic condition of children working in sea food industries of Bangladesh e.g. Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Sathkhira, Khulna and Bagerhat districts;
Water and Sanitation project in urban slams and fringes submitted to UNDP;
Community Based Safe Water Supply and Arsenic Mitigation project, Manikganj Sadar. The subject project was identification of extent of arsenic contamination in tube well water, create awareness and conduct training of representatives of different tires like community, govt. development level development workers and peoples representatives and its mitigation through introducing different alternative water options;
Community Based Arsenic Mitigation follow-up and further Extension of work in manikganj Sadar was a R & D Project. The project was aimed at follow-up survey of the counting number of tube wells rightly reflected in the previous survey in the year 2000 including screening of all domestic private and public tub wells. The project also included the selection of proper technology for installation of alternative safe water option (SWO).
Designed and installed Surface Water Option "Hydrepour" in the river kali ganja under Manikganj Sadar Upazilla. We also designed Arsenic and Iron Removal Palant (AIRP) as a technological alternative water supply option which minimizes the concentration of arsinic and iron in Tube well Water.
Community Based Safe Water Supply and Arsenic Mitigation Program of Homna of Comilla, Bancharampur of Brahmanbaria and Damurhuda of Chuadanga District. The project includes both soft and hardware development. training of community peoples, govt. development workers, peoples representatives and Arsenic Mitigation. The project was implemented in 4 phases. The duration of the project was 4 years. (2001-2005);
The flood emergency project in the wake of severe flood occurred in Homna of Comilla and Bancharampur of Brahmanbaria district. The project included repairing, maintenance, rehabilitation of tube wells affected by flood and new installation of water options in affected areas.
The Follow-up project to ascertain status of the different water options installed in Manikganj sadar Upazila, Homna Upazila and Damurhuda Upazila to enhance the community management system effective in operation and maintenance and to keep the safe water options in running condition in order to ensure provision of arsenic free safe water. Through this project ISDCM developed the Water Safety Plan (WSP) and monitored water quality of all SWOs installed.
Village Arsenic Free Safe Water Supply Project through pipeline network for the rural community which was owned and managed by them. Existing Irrigation Tube Well was the mail source of supply and an Iron Removal Plant (IRP) of 400sft was also constructed under this project. This project was undertaken in the village Ujirpur of Damurhuda upazila of Chuadanga district. The project idea was innovative and this kind of plant was installed in few locations of Bangladesh.
Safe water supply and arsenic mitigation in six villages of three Upazilas (Homna, Bancharampur and Damurhuda) of three districts on experimental basis;
Village Sanitation and Water Supply for Singra Upazila of Natore district under Canadian assistance;
Implementation of Post literacy and continuing education for human development project under PLCEP, government of Bangladesh;
Micro-Finance Project for Poor Women of Syedpur Camp, Syedpur, District Nilphamari is an on going project, is being implemented with the financial assistance of OBAT Helpers inc. USA. The duration of the project is one year and may be extended based of extent of performance. Period of this project is May 2006 to April 2007.
Micro-Finance Project for the development of socio economic condition of poor women of Singra, Kaligonj, Bagatipara and Nator Sadar upazila under Nator District is being implemented with the financial assistance of CORDAID corporate, Netherlands.
b. Manuals:
  ISDCM prepared some training modules for some projects as follows:
Training Modules for Sectoral Staff of different Govt. departments on Community Based Safe Water Supply and Arsenic Mitigation Project;
Training Modules for Chairmen, Members of Arsenic Mitigation Committees at Upazila, Union Ward and Village levels; and
Training Manual for Health Workers
Training manual for beneficiaries of dug wells;
Training manual for beneficiaries of rain water harvesting
Training manual for Operation and maintenance of Village level piped water supply;
Users manual of Surface Water treatment plant(Hydropur)
Users manual of ground water treatment plant(SIDKO plant);
Users manual of AIRP;
Compose a popular drama “ Moyna Bibir Ghar Shangsar” for creating awareness on arsenic problem;
Compose a popular drama “Sharna Komal” to stage the drama to be self oriented by the users on operation and maintenance of safe water options;
Developed a constitution for Ujirpur village piped water supply Samity regarding management of PWSS;



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