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Specific Objectives:

Original and revised targets of water options and actual achievement:  

As per agreement there was provision for construction of 61 dugwells. However due to devastation flood causing 3-4 ft. waster in most of the villages make impossible to work. As a result economy of the community suffered severely. This make DPHE to decrease the contribution money from Tk. 7,800/- to Tk. 2,000/-. Also project period extend for another 3 months. To accommodate the extra fund required for lowering of contribution money and extension of project period construction of dugwell reduced from 61 to 48 in numbers were made in consultation with DPHE-UNICEF. The following were the actual and revised target:

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Donor & Agreement:
Area & Duration :

Homna Upzila. July 2004 April 2005 2002 May 2003.

Cost of Project :
BD. Tk. 3,759,771.00

Introduction :In the awake of high arsenic prevalence in the drinking TW water DPHE-UNICEF has taken Community Based Safe Water Supply and Arsenic Mitigation Projects in highly affected upazilas. As per agreement with UNICEF, ISDCM has implemented Software Phase and Hardware Phases I, II, III in Homna upazila having 68% arsenic prevalence which is one of the highest in the country. The projects were undertaken for blanket tubewells screening to determine level of arsenic contamination, arsenicossis patients' identification, creating awareness among community on affects of arsenic in drinking water and to provide arsenic free safe drinking water options.

General information:

Homna upazila is situated in Comilla district and 72 km from Dhaka . It takes about 2 hours to reach Homna from Dhaka by car or bus. It is a low-lying area and surrounded by haor, baor, river, canal and big water bodies. Road communication is very poor and difficult to travel place to place. The upazila remains under water 6 to 7 months of the year. During rainy season country boat / trawler is the main source of the transportation. The people of the upazila mostly depend on cultivation, fishing and small business. Total population of the upazila is 233,805. There are 12 unions with 207 villages. The percentage of arsenic contamination of drinking TW is 68% and affected population is 161,305.

The main objective of this phase was to address 100% affected villages, having arsenicossis patients and community participation to ensure the project is sustainable one. During the Hard ware phase- III, 48 nos. of dug wells were constructed in 21 villages benefiting 4,320 populations.

Broader Objectives: To develop community based sustainable and affordable safe water supply technologies to mitigate arsenic problem in drinking water in the target villages.

The Objectives:


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Title of Project:
Implementation Community Based Safe Water Supply and Arsenic Mitigation Project(Hardware Phase-III) in Homna Upazila of Comilla, district.